I had the pleasure to work with another lady I really admire: Joy from Imagine Joy. She asked me to take some photos of her studio and her work. I have been following Joy and her gorgeous calligraphy work since a few years now, when I moved in Montreal. She has done the lettering for some of my clients and you know I am a calligraphy fan. I am a bit obsessed by calligraphy actually. I want to learn but I don’t have the time to properly do it. I have attended a calligraphy workshop in New-York and I loved it! But I did not practice after that, so I feel I need another workshop. Good thing is that Joy will start offering calligraphy workshops soon. Visit her website to be informed about it!

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The blog is taking some days off, and me too. I will be back on January 5th, 2015. I need some time off, I just need to talk to real people, spend time with my family, not be in front of the computer all day long, go outside… The act of being connected all the time is actually making us being disconnected from our real life. And I need that connection back! I want to be bored, to have nothing to do (pretty hard to do for a business owner, but I can learn), to wake up and accept that it’s ok to have zero things on my to do list. Yes, it is fine.

I wanted to schedule posts so you have something to read on this blog when you visit for the next 2 weeks, but I actually did not have time to schedule everything, prepare the photos, etc. I am actually writing this post at 22h40 on a Sunday evening, and I am supposed to wake up at 6am tomorrow to take my husband to the train station, so I can have the car for the day, so I can go to the airport all by myself. I can’t wait to be at my parents’ house, and just RELAX.

So, here am I, wishing you a Happy Holiday season. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and everything! May 2015 be filled with love, happiness, success and lots and lots of laughter. WE CAN DO IT.



P.S.: You still can follow me on Instagram. I will post a tons of pics there. Or Facebook. ;)

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So I had this crazy dream… to travel and to photograph a wedding somewhere I have never been before! So, contact me if you are getting married in one of these countries or cities and need a photographer. I am willing to travel just for you, and you get an awesome deal! So, bring me these destination weddings!

– New-York City
– California
– Costa Rica
– Jamaica
– Italy (Tuscany)
– Spain
– anywhere exotic you want to take me!

Contact me for more information!

destination wedding photographer emilie iggiotti

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It’s official, I have been accepted as a member of Junebug Weddings earlier this week. Junebug has always been an inspiration for me, from the Awards they organize every year to the beautiful real weddings they post on their blog, they promote the kind of photography I try to do: natural, meaningful, elegant and authentic.

You can see my portfolio here >>>>>>>>>>> CLICK

It’s the best way to end my 2014 wedding season! What a treat! Bring on 2015!

junebug weddings member emilie iggiotti


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