A few months earlier, I have declared that I will not photograph weddings in 2015. I must say, I was tired and I thought I lost my interest in weddings. But after a few months, I have changed my mind. Yes I will photograph weddings in 2015. I already booked 2 amazing weddings and I expect to book more. The problem was not that I did not love shooting weddings anymore, the problem was that I did not like the way I was photographing them. You know this famous quote by Albert Einstein? “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Well, I was photographing weddings like I used to but I was expecting different results, better results, better photos, more satisfaction… But something was not working, I was not getting what I wanted to.

Another quote for you… “If you don’t like how things are, change it! You’re not a tree.”

In the middle of my very personal crisis, I was lucky to have the best clients who basically told me “we trust you, just do your thing, do whatever you want, the pictures will be amazing anyway”. So, I listened to them! I did my thing. I photographed weddings the way I wanted to, and my clients were super happy with the results, so do I.

First thing, I understand that I am not the photographer for every couple getting married out there and I am okay with that. So, I am going to list a few points which are essential to me. If you agree with these points, I think we are made for each other, but if you feel like you don’t really agree with what I say, don’t worry, I am sure you will find the perfect photographer for you.

  • A wedding is an uncontrolled event… you planned everything, you have thought of every possible thing which could happen on your wedding, but here’s some news for you: something unexpected will probably happen, and even if the photographer is prepared for a lot of things, sometimes he/she will just go with the flow
  • I like to “document” weddings, and I am not a fashion photographer. You must think, well, you’re a photographer, so just do what people ask you to do. Actually, I am here to capture the day as it happens, in a documentary way, this means I don’t pose people, I don’t use a lot of flashes, etc. Sometimes, I might just be observing the scene, waiting for the next move, the next great moment. Sometimes, people might think that I’m lazy or that I should do something, anything. But actually these moments of “break” are essential, it allows me to be prepared to capture the next beautiful moment. If I am constantly taking group shots, I might not be able to capture the kiss that Grandma just gave to the bride, or the hug the flower girl gave to the groom. If you see me standing in a corner of the room, in the shadows, I am probably working, thinking, anticipating, observing, estimating, creating something in my head… I am NOT doing nothing, taking a break or being lazy. On a wedding day , I am working constantly, from the moment I arrive, until the moment I leave the venue.
  • Because I am documenting a special event, I am not interested in shooting your wedding for 2, 4 or 6 hours. I only have one package of 10 hours, you can add more hours but you can not remove hours.
  • If there is something important I need to know, you have to tell me because I am really bad at mind reading!
  • I need your trust! And by trust I mean, enjoy your wedding and don’t stress about the photos. Because we communicate well, because you told me what’s important for you and because you TRUST me.
  • LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT! Great, amazing light is everything! If you have the opportunity to do a outdoor ceremony, or book a venue with great natural light, you are going to make me very happy. Of course, I can shoot anywhere, and I will do my best to deliver the best images, but if you like bright pictures, with natural light, have in mind that a dark church or a dark venue with low ceilings won’t allow it.
  • I work better with couples who value photography and are ready to invest in wedding photography. I also cherish knowing my clients on a personal level, so expect a lot of communications, emails, and even coffee dates.
  • I work WITH you and with all the vendors, we are all in the same team.  Team bride and groom! Yes, sometimes caterers refuse to serve us food, or the priest is very difficult, and we deal with it. But I AM on your team, I am here to give you the best images you deserve to have. So, let’s see it as a team work!

So, here is my manifesto for 2015. I hope this will resonate in you and if you want to work with me, just send me an email. 2014 was great, so I expect nothing but amazingness for 2015.

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