Wow I always say that I will blog more often and then I get busy and I forgot to do it. Why does life seem so busy lately? Not complaining, but I find it hard to do everything I have on my to do list. Managing two businesses, a married life, a house and a kitchen renovation is exhausting. But I was reading this article lately and it seems like it was written for me. So, now I will stop saying I am busy like I am complaining. So, let’s just say life is challenging, and it’s interesting. No more busy, I promise.

Anyway, let’s talk about photography. I already said it several times here… as a wedding photographer, I am struggling working outside of this little box called the « wedding photography ». I don’t like boxes, especially when they are not justified and when the limits and boundaries are dictated by other people who don’t know you and judge you only by your cover. It’s awful.

So, because I am also a wedding photography, I CAN NOT be a fashion photographer, or editorial photographer, or anything else?? Once you start shooting weddings, it’s like you can never come back, unless you change your identity. Haha I am almost joking! But seriously, I had the most difficult time finding stylists, models agency or just magazines booking me for a photography job because they think I can only shoot weddings. Newsflash: I am A PHOTOGRAPHER. There is no adjective attached to it. I don’t put myself in a box, so why are you putting me in a box?

I don’t know why people think that because you are a wedding photographer, you suck at other type of photography. It’s actually the contrary. Wedding photography teaches you so many different kind of photography, it’s the best teacher (at a wedding, you shoot editorial photography, fashion, portraits, lifestyle, street style, interior design, events…). Maybe some wedding photographers suck but I think it’s pretty unfair to conclude that all wedding photographers suck at other type of photography.

So, when my friend Priska, who is an amazing hairstylist told me that she was game for an editorial/fashion shoot, I said « let’s do this! ». We asked our friend Katherine, amazing make-up artist, to join us and that was it. I asked my friends who knew a pretty girl who would be interested in modeling for me and a friend suggested the gorgeous Virginie represented by Specs Models. I contacted them (I already worked with them before and they knew I don’t suck, I guess!) and it was booked super quickly.

So, here is a sneak peek of this shoot. I am so proud of my team, and me too. I went outside of my comfort zone and I enjoyed it. Let me know what you think about it!



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Si vous ne le savez pas encore, je suis pas mal accro à Instagram. Aujourd’hui, j’avais envie de vous montrer mes profils coups de coeur. Que ce soit par la qualité des photos, ou à cause de la personnalité des personnes, je me retrouve toujours à vagabonder sur les comptes Instagram de ces personnes. Et je suis toujours inspirée par eux et leurs images.

1. Denise Bovee

Denise est une photographe basée en Californie, elle a deux filles et un chat orange super cute. Son Instagram est rempli de photos de ses enfants bien sûr, mais aussi de ses virées dans le désert et de ses vacances passées dans des hôtels hyper cool avec ses copines. J’adore!


2. Jeanne Map

Probablement, un de mes feeds préférés, et je ne dis pas ça parce que je l’ai photographiée, et qu’elle est en plus adorable. Non, Jeanne a un vrai don pour le cadrage et les photos minimalistes.


3. Tous les photographe de Tinker Street

Tinker Street, c’est une agence de talents (essentiellement des photographes) qui regroupe quelques uns des meilleurs photographes d’Instagram. Et notamment Bethany Marie et With hearts.

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It was one of those days… you know, the kind of days where nothing seems to be right or going your way. First, it was this girl at a shoe store. I tried several shoes but NOTHING was my actual size, so I was hesitant, and I told her: « I am sorry, I am hesitant, I will think about it ». And she replied to me: « the two models you tried are my last ones ». I replied: « well, I understand, it’s fine. » And she left, looking pretty annoyed that I did not buy anything. I don’t think I ever read that there was a rule saying that you HAD to buy everything you tried in a shop… otherwise I would be very poor!

I left the store, and I did not hear any « goodbye, have a nice day ».

Then, after this awful shopping experience, I decided to indulge myself with a coffee at Starbucks. I go there ALL THE TIME, I even have the Starbucks card on my phone, and the staff is usually pretty friendly. I go there, and the cashier greets me with a nod. Not a « hello », or a « good afternoon », a nod and that’s it. I order my drink, she gives me the total, I pay with my phone, she asks me if I want my receipt, I say « no, thank you ». Then, she prepares my drink while talking to her colleague about another colleague who did not want to take his break… bla bla bla…

(I hate when cashiers and salespersons talk about colleagues or work problem in front of customer. I always feel extremely awkward, and I think of this person that they are bitching about and I feel bad for her/him. Please, don’t do that.)

She gives me my drink, and does not even make eye contact with me. And of course, no « goodbye », « have a good day », « thank you » or « here is your drink, enjoy! ». NOTHING. She was more interested in talking to her colleague, bitching about this other colleague. I wanted to say something but I did not. I stayed there but a few seconds looking at her and she did not even pay attention to me. So, I left.

So, what is the morality of these two stories, apart from the fact that I obviously attract rude people in general? (insert sarcastic laugh here)

Well, it’s all about customer service. If you are offering services to real people (and not companies), your customer service has to be amazing. Period. Nobody should leave your store or your business, feeling like they was treated like shit.

As a photographer, I receive a lot of inquiries, emails, messages, etc. Sometimes, I am tired, people are annoying, or very demanding… sometimes I am stressed, feeling depressed or just busy. But it’s not their fault. Sometimes, a couple ask me for my pricing and then does not hire me. It’s fine. I wish them good luck and a happy wedding. Even if I feel frustrated, I don’t tell them. It’s not their problem, it’s mine. And they are not even my customers yet, but you know what, you never know. People might contact you again for another job, or just give your name to their friend who needs a photographer.

So, if you have a business and are in contact with your customers, always kill them with kindness. And make them feel special.

What about you? Did you ever experience bad customer service? What did you do?

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I posted about my experience at the Refresh Workshop yesterday, but I did not want to overwhelm you with all my photos. So, here is the part 2, where I share my photos. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and I tried to capture more moody and dark pictures. I actually like it! I think I will try to take more time during weddings for this kind of photos. What do you think?

Also, a big thank you to Alessandra and Andrew, the models of the workshop who were so brave and posed for us outside. Yes, it was cold!

Hugh and Jenn live in the area of Kawartha Lakes, in Ontario. It’s so beautiful and peaceful out there. I almost got lost when leaving their house at midnight, because of the heavy fog. Hahaha! Me and my crazy stories with my GPS… but it was all worth it!

refresh workshop ontario

refresh workshop ontario

refresh workshop ontario

jennifer moher and hugh whitaker workshop

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