Bons baisers de Montréal

i had no inspiration for the title of this article, so i decided to call it « bons baisers de Montréal ».  in english, it’s « kisses from Montreal ».  i think it is romantic. this is what comes to my mind when i think of this adorable couple. miranda and michele.

miranda contacted me a few months ago by email. she was planning her vacation in montreal and wanted to book a session with me.  i rarely got inquiries for this type of shoots, so i was very excited to meet them.  i am always nervous before a photo session when i did not meet the couple before.  i am always wondering if i will be able to make them comfortable, if they will be up to follow my crazy ideas, if my jokes will make them laugh, if they will like the photos afterwards… so many questions go through my mind before the session.

and then, when i saw them arriving, when i saw their smile, and how happy they looked, i know we were going to have a great session.  the moment we said hello, i knew we would have a fun photo session.

these two are so sweet together.  i loved their humour, their laugh, and their authenticity.  plus, they agreed to do whatever i wanted to do for the photo session.  from running to seating in front of the house of complete strangers, they were up to anything.  we found the cutest little street in old montreal, far from the crazy crowd of tourists.  it was perfect.






Miranda and Michele, thanks for the good times.


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